Budget accommodation options

  Culturally sensitive & adoptive environment

  We speak your language

  Ensuring proper communication channels between  accommodation and hospitals

  Personal touch during Stay

  Proper mechanism to meet day-to-day needs

  Good networking

  Range of easily accessible services (Charges Extra Applicable)

  Alternative leisure options around the city to explore & arrangement(Charges Extra Applicable)

  We provide Promotional schemes and offers

  Our service represents the Brand name

  We provide transport options including Airport Pick & Drop(Charges Extra Applicable)

  Insurance Coverage & Forex exchange is available(Charges Extra Applicable)

  Good and palatable food(Charges Extra Applicable)

  Proper arrangement for accomplice(Charges Extra Applicable)

  Attention to needs – pickup facility, daily care staff, counselling and so forth(Charges Extra Applicable)

  Linguistic services , Attendant services, Self-cooking options(Charges Extra Applicable)

  Providing adjustable beds, wheel chairs, stair climbers, medical supplies etc. on need basis to recuperating patients(Charges Extra Applicable) .